Hi I'm Ghooost.

Some pages have strobing images/ moving backgrounds, be careful! They aren't 'responsive' either and I don't know what they look like on non-Google browsers... sorry phone users...!

I became interested in making a Neocities while I was thinking about ways to have a more fun presentation of my OC writings than only having google docs. I want to see if I can eventually embed some short visual novels in here but if that doesn't work out I'll just make some pages.

In the sidebar, the most important link is the "Master Google Doc", this is where all text about every story and every OC is held, including things not in the Toyhou.se page. Toyhouse is the 2nd most important because it has basically all the images along with the OCs I haven't given any story. My OC tumblr is for posting images in higher quality and just talking.

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