World Facts

Xenophon, before he became the being he is now, gained sentience and fell for a lost human astronaut at the edge of the universe. After said human left he changed his form and decided to start a family on Earth. Neph was the first person he met there, and with his help Xeno became a caring member of society (but may have inadvertently messed up the town they live in)

Neph is of a species that is referred to as 'crustaceans' in English (self explanatory) and he along with his coworkers originally lived on their home planet Sio J00X (an ice planet) before moving to Earth. Crustaceans have the technology to transfer themselves into separate bodies disguised as other species. This tech is only (legally) used by those with a permit.

Synthetic humans are a metal-hybrid alien species that were created to look like humans. They can be “revived” from various unnatural deaths and have limbs + organs replaced as long as their Inner Brains and Inner Hearts are intact. They can technically switch entire bodies, but this causes mental stress - so this is forbidden. SHs are considered Earthlings; it is unknown where they originate from.

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January is a Buc. They have “masks” for faces that are ‘technically’ removable but this will result in death or critical condition. It would have to be ripped off by extreme force. The number of eyes is based on fake eye holes. Bucs naturally only have two eyes and one nose. The other holes lead to ‘skin’.

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